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Off-Campus Paid Part Time Jobs

Our Off-Campus Program is dedicated to helping students explore careers, develop new skills and gain valuable work experience to complement the classroom experience. Paid internships and part-time jobs link students with employers in both the profit and non-profit sectors. These career opportunities are an integral part of a students' career development and prepares them for today's very competitive market.

Off-campus jobs in the community are available to all students and they do not have to be eligible for financial aid in order to apply for these jobs. Jobs are located in the Greater Miami area. Students seeking early career-related experiences who have reliable transportation and time in their schedules are encouraged to consider off-campus jobs.

There is an array of paid internships and student employment positions that can provide field experience and networking opportunities. Off-campus employers hire students directly and are responsible for processing all necessary payroll paperwork.

Employers in the business community can post part-time student positions free of charge. All off-campus jobs are posted on JobX for enrolled students to access. The positions will be posted for a three month term and will be removed when the employer contacts the office.

Employers will interview and hire students directly and are responsible for processing all necesary payroll paperwork.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment reserves the right to refuse any positions that are determined to be legally questionable. The office takes no responsibility for screening applicants and the employer accepts full responsibility for any agreements made between employer and employee.