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Welcome to Student Employment at the University of Miami.

If you are interested in hiring student workers for your department, JobX will provide you with the tools you need to post jobs and manage the process of selecting student candidates for your position.

You will be able to sign-in to JobX using CaneID credentials. If you are unable to login, you will need to request Login Permission.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

Post Your Position

Posting a job in JobX is a three-step process. First, create the job posting, next, review the default job application students will need to complete to apply for your job, and then submit the job for approval and posting.

If you would like to post your job under more than one work program (job type), you will need to repeat the initial steps you completed for posting the job.

Review and Interview Applicants

Once your job is posted, it will be visible to all students; however, only those students eligible for the work program/job type your job is posted under will be able to apply.

You will receive an email every time a student applies for your job. To view those applications, you can click the link in the email or you can login to JobX and go to the Job Control Panel.

After reviewing applications, please provide applicants with updates on the status of their application. You are responsible for scheduling and conducting interviews with students and communicating with students the status of their application within a reasonable amount of time.

It is recommended that you interview at least 2-3 students who meet the position's qualifications and needs. The following items should be discussed with students during the interview:

  • Detailed description of job duties (beyond those listed in the job description)
  • Personal conduct and dress expected of the student
  • Hours of operation, student's weekly schedule, and start date
  • Work expectations when classes are not in session
  • Rate of pay for the position

Select Candidate

Select the best student applicant for the job position based on the student’s skills, abilities, knowledge and competencies. The selection should be based on "fit" as well as schedule and availability.

When offering the job to the student, confirm the start date and inform the student of any required processes they may need to complete, including onboarding procedures in Workday.

Hire Student

After offering the position to the student, you must begin the hiring process in Workday. If you do not have a Student Supervisory Organization in Workday, you will need to create one by completing the Supervisory Organization Request Form.

See Hiring Students for more detailed information on the hiring process.

Close Position

Once you have selected a student for your position, be sure to remove/archive your position from the JobX posting system and inform applicants that the position has been filled.

You take one of the following actions to update your listed jobs:

Review: The job is temporary de-listed from the website and students may no longer apply for it. The student applications associated with the job will still be available for reviewing and hiring. A job in review mode may be re-posted.

Storage: The job is temporary de-listed from the website and students may no longer apply for it. Any student applications associated with the job are deleted. A job in storage mode may be re-posted.

Delete: The job and all student applications associated with the job will be deleted and no longer available to be reposted.