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Student Manager Agreement

The University of Miami’s Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment (OSFAE) is committed to complying with the ethical standards of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and expects students and employers to be honest and professional in the job search process. All student employees and student-employees managers who choose to participate in student employment programs must abide to the following agreement. By acknowledging each requirement below you are indicating that you will adhere to the following standards.

  1. Comply and clearly familiarize myself with all federal, state and local employment laws and regulations and University of Miami policies and procedures including student employment guidelines as specified in the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment webpage.
  2. Ensure that student employees do not begin work until the student employee’s eligibility to work in the United States (I-9 form) has been verified.
  3. If a Background Check is require, ensure that student employees do not begin work until the appropriate Background check (level 1 or Level 2) has been completed.
  4. Provide all newly hired student employees with an appropriate orientation which includes job duties and expectations.
  5. Engage in a due diligence process if there are performance issues with a student employee. Termination procedures are included in the student employment section of the OSFAE website.
  6. Ensure that student employees do not work during scheduled class time. You may request a copy of the class schedule from your student employee every semester.
  7. Coordinate with student employees working under the Federal Work Study program to ensure appropriate monitoring of FWS awards and earnings.
  8. In understand that:
  9. The OSFAE may adjust or terminate a FWS eligibility based on changes in:
    1. The student’s enrollment status
    2. The student’s failure to maintain Standards of Academic Progress
    3. Changes in the student’s financial information as reported on the current year’s financial aid application and documents.
    4. A student’s receipt of financial assistance not previously incorporated into their financial aid award.
    5. In some circumstances these changes could be applied retroactively, requiring my department to pay the student’s wages.
  10. As the Contact and/or student manager, I am responsible for all of the above regardless of whether or not I am the functional supervisor of the student.
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